Sunday, January 24, 2010

whimsical charms just for fun

I normally hang these on necklaces. I charge $2.00 for the pair. I also make them in several different colors.

birds and bugs

This is a peacock pin and this is a charm. The tail feathers were made from the same cane.

Christmas items

This is my new nativity set.

This little pin is only about 1"

These can be made in so many different colors. They are stunning.


I love these mushroom houses! They are so fun to make.

This cake topper was made for my nephew Jordan and his new wife.

I made this sculpture for a student to give to her band director.


These charms are $1.00 each. I sell lots of these.



Do you prefer pizza or Ice cream?


Hamburger and french fries, anyone?

chili peppers

animal charms

These are made to match mascots from some local high schools. They are $2.00 for the set.

I make whatever kind of charms I want to. It is very liberating.

Some of these little charms are made to be mascots for local schools and some of them are just because I wanted to make them.


This pen is my biggest seller! Imake them in green, blue, red and black. I ask $15.00 plus tax.

I like these adorable animal pens. I charge $15.00 for each.

I made these pens for my friend who teaches French at the
high school where I work to give to her students as graduation gifts.

This pen has a facsimile of the Mexican flag on the pen and some little chili peppers as a charm on the end.

This pen has a cactus and a scorpion.

Here are some other pens.

and still more....