Saturday, January 23, 2010

American Sign Language

I teach American Sign Language on the high school level and on the college level. I love the vibrant language and teaching high school is a kick, usually.

For this cool Scrabble set, I purchase the boards and the tile holders on ebay. Then I make the tiles from Polymer clay. I also make a drawstring bag to hold them all. I sell them for $35.00 and charge $10.00 for shipping. I sell them on ebay and etsy.

I make these Domino sets in different colors. They go up to number 9.

This handshape means I Love You in American Sign Language.
It is based on the handshape "I",
the handshape "L" for Love and the handshape "Y". It is used often among deaf people. It is generally used in a casual way like "love ya". The pin is approximately 2" and it is $5.00. The earrings below are also $5.00. They are a little less than 1" each.

These are also very popular items. I have made turtles, monkeys, bunnies and other animals. I normally charge $8.00 each.

This pen is the result of serious experimentation. I tried and failed at least a dozen times before I found a method to apply the ASL alphabet to a pen. I LOVE the way it turned out and I sell them for $6.00 with the ILY charm on the end. The ink is re-fillable (I'll include instructions on how to change the ink when I send the pen to you).

These are probably my best selling item. I make the tiles and then string them on silky string. I charge $3.00 for the necklace plus $1.00 per letter. The tiles are white or silver and the string can be white or black.

These notebooks are about 4" X 5". I can make them with a base of any color. The back of the notebook and the pen match. These are $15.00

ASL Angel pin. $5.00 Mr and Mrs.Santa $8.00

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