Saturday, January 23, 2010

Valentine's cupid

Hey Ya'll,
Well I've made the decision to let my website go. I thought I could replace it with this blog. It may be an incredibly stupid decision, or it may save me $300.00 a year on a website that basically just has pictures. So here goes.

I'm working on this while watching an old Star Trek movie. My husband and my son are playing a football video game and the others are at a birthday party for a friend from church.

Next Tuesday I'm starting a project at school where I'll be teaching polymer clay projects to high school students. This is what we're making.

Something else I've been working on is this adorable chess set. It is very small. the board measures about 6" square. I'm hoping to sell it for $35.00. I'll post it on etsy and try to sell it at the upcoming craft fairs.
Pawn knight rook

queen king bishop

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