Sunday, January 24, 2010


This pen is my biggest seller! Imake them in green, blue, red and black. I ask $15.00 plus tax.

I like these adorable animal pens. I charge $15.00 for each.

I made these pens for my friend who teaches French at the
high school where I work to give to her students as graduation gifts.

This pen has a facsimile of the Mexican flag on the pen and some little chili peppers as a charm on the end.

This pen has a cactus and a scorpion.

Here are some other pens.

and still more....

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  1. I love your Blogspot! :) The pictures are incredibly good and all of your items are beautiful as always! Parker is missing Max! We are going to have a great house for you to come visit us at! I will send the address in email! We are excited to see you all in July! Love, The Minchey's :)